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  •   Laureen: my house in Canada
    46 votes
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    Laureen (Toronto, Canada)

    Laureen tells us about her very big house in Canada : the inside (the different rooms) and the outside (garden, barn...)

    – 1.4 Mo


  •   Eliott : my snake
    40 votes
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    Eliott (Rambouillet, France)

    Eliott found a reptile in the desert. He thought it was dead so he brought it to the taxidermist and now, he keeps it in his bedroom, even though it scares all his friends.

    – 1.9 Mo


  •   Jenny : the Royal Baby
    68 votes
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny talks about the birth of William and Kate’s son and explains why he couldn’t have been called Charles or Edward for example.

    – 2.1 Mo


  •   Jenny : my opinion on Kate Middleton
    23 votes
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny gives her opinion on Kate Middleton and the way she became part of the Royal Family.

    – 2.2 Mo


  •   Lindsey : the first time...
    28 votes
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    Lindsey (Houston, Texas)

    Lindsey talks about the way she felt when she saw snow for the first time in her life.

    – 2.2 Mo