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  •   Jenny : my brother’s trip around the world (2/2)
    59 голоса
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny talks about the different countries her brother has visited and the various experiences he has done on his trip around the world.

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  •   Maria : I’m trying to do my best to protect the environment
    94 голоса
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    Maria (born in the Phillippines to an American father)

    Maria lists all the little things that everyone can do everyday to help save the planet.

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  •   Jenny : I’m concerned about environment and food
    53 голоса
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    Jenny (an English woman living in France)

    Jenny buys her food locally and in season.

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  •   Victoria : my Summer jobs
    66 голоса
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    Victoria (London, UK)

    Victoria details all the small jobs she had from the age of 14 : in a dry cleaner’s, in a cosmetics shop, waitressing at the local golf club.

    – 2 Mb