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  •   Ian : the first time I voted
    23 votes
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    Ian (Dallas, Usa)

    I voted for the first time in the 2008 election. The two candidates : Mc Cain versus Obama.

    – 2 Mo


  •   Liz : the city of Liverpool
    30 votes
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    Liz (London, England)

    Liz tells us about the city of Liverpool, in the past and in the present. Its history, its port, the mixed population thanks to emigration. She also makes a list of what you should visit now if you go to the hometown of the Beatles.

    – 2.4 Mo


  •   Liz : the Beatles
    68 votes
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    Liz (London, England)

    Liz tells us about the most famous pop group ever : The Beatles. Liverpool, the four members, their songs... They were her idols.

    – 2 Mo


  •   Tristan : St Joseph’s College, my school
    56 votes
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    Tristan (Melbourne, Australia)

    Tristan tells us about the school he went to in Melbourne. It was a Catholic boy school.

    – 1.1 Mo


  •   Tristan : transport in Melbourne
    32 votes
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    Tristan (Melbourne, Australia)

    In Melbourne, we use cars, trucks, trains, the tramway, the bicycle, buses, ferries... There are two airports too.

    – 1.2 Mo