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  •   Tristan : three big cities in Australia
    38 votes
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    Tristan (Melbourne, Australia)

    Brisbane with its sun and beaches, Sydney with the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and Melbourne with its mix of cultures and its stadium.

    – 1.5 Mo


  •   Yashi : I’ve lived in all the states in the US (2/2)
    24 votes
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    Yashi (Miami, USA)

    The 3 cities Yashi has preferred living in are New York City, Boston and Miami.

    – 2 Mo


  •   Adrian : my top 5 in Washington DC.
    48 votes
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    Adrian (Washington DC, Usa)

    Adrian gives us his top 5 monuments in DC : the US Capitol, The White House, the Air and Space Museum, The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

    – 505.7 ko


  •   Marcus : The Library of Congress in Washington DC
    22 votes
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    Marcus (Washington DC, Usa)

    Marcus works at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. He explains us what it is and why it is such an impressive building.

    – 1.2 Mo


  •   Pete : The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC (1)
    17 votes
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    Pete (Washington DC, Usa)

    Pete is a ranger and he works at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. He gives us information about this beautiful monument.

    – 1.1 Mo