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  •   Laureen : my city, Toronto
    50 голоса
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    Laureen (Toronto, Canada)

    Laureen speaks about her hometown Toronto : the city itself, the festivals, the shops...

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  •   Liz : the city of Liverpool
    31 голоса
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    Liz (London, England)

    Liz tells us about the city of Liverpool, in the past and in the present. Its history, its port, the mixed population thanks to emigration. She also makes a list of what you should visit now if you go to the hometown of the Beatles.

    – 2.4 Mb


  •   Tristan : my city Melbourne
    40 голоса
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    Tristan (Melbourne, Australia)

    Tristan loves hic city, Melbourne. It is a city full of variety and contrast. It is also a multicultural city.

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  •   Tristan : three big cities in Australia
    44 голоса
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    Tristan (Melbourne, Australia)

    Brisbane with its sun and beaches, Sydney with the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and Melbourne with its mix of cultures and its stadium.

    – 1.5 Mb


  •   Yashi : I’ve lived in all the states in the US (2/2)
    24 голоса
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    Yashi (Miami, USA)

    The 3 cities Yashi has preferred living in are New York City, Boston and Miami.

    – 2 Mb