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بقلم Elisa Gy, Emmanuelle Artault

http://www.audio-lingua is a website from the GEP (a Group of Pedagogical Experiments) in the Académie of Versailles. It offers more than 6000 mp3 resources in 13 languages to listen online or download in order to practice the oral comprehension skill. There is no such website offering so many languages, an interface translated in all these languages, so many files and so many possibilities.

Don’t forget that our website offers free files you can use with your pupils in class and at home, you can use them for teaching material and publish them on your websites, school websites or blogs thanks to the embed code (iframe). To go further, please read the privacy policy.

Audio lingua also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Editorial team :

  • Katrin Goldmann, (coordinator) : German, French as a foreign language
  • Elisa Gy : English, French as a foreign language
  • Karine Delaire : Spanish, French as a foreign language
  • Catherine Ferreira-Lopes : Portuguese, French as a foreign language
  • Fiorenza Donella : Italian, French as a foreign language
  • Lucile Baudin : Russian, French as a foreign language
  • Mathilde Labbé : Chinese
  • Thomas Guilhem : (Académie of Toulouse) : Occitan
  • Nina Casterllarneau : (Académie of Montpellier) : Catalan language
  • Marc Khelifi-Morandini (Académie of Corsica) : Corsican language
  • Jeffrey Sellin (Académie of Guadeloupe) : créole
  • ... : Arabic, French as a foreign language

Former members who contributed to the website:

Emanuelle Artault, Pauline Truong, Olivier Caponi, Jordi Sales (Academie of Montpellier), Jing Rillingen, Yulia Nelioubina, Matilde Patriarca, Maud Beneteau, José Paradas, Anne Pellet, Delphine Bour, Marianne Ellafaf, Fernando Amorim, Olinda Pires, Laurence Altibelli and Betty Albagly (Académie of Aix-Marseille).

Website developed by Johan Pustoch in the Académie of Versailles and SPIP.
Website designed by Jessica Plagnol.

The beginnings of Audio-Lingua

In September 2007, MP3 experiments started in France and French teachers looked for audio files for beginners. The CRDP agreed with the creation of a "sound bank" and gave money to find human ressources who could develop such a platform. Audio-Lingua opened in 2008 with four languages and in four languages : English, German, Spanish and French. Other languages were then added, among which some French regional languages. From the start, the aim was to create an international , collaborative website for all users : people learning a foreign language and not just for teachers. Audio-Lingua offers audio files, no transcription or teaching material.

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