Audio-Lingua introduction

di Anne Pellet, Elisa Gy, Emmanuelle (Hauts de Seine, France)

Who works for Audio-Lingua ? Mrs Gy Elisa and Mrs Artault Emmanuelle work for the English section of the website.

Listen to them :

– 241.3 Kb


– 963.2 Kb


– 319 Kb


– 870.9 Kb


What is Audio-Lingua ? A collaborative bank of authentic audio resources, recorded by native speakers, for a freely pedagogical or personal use, according to the rights of use which are detailed in the legal notice.

Audio documents ? The mp3 files are classified according to the reference levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can listen to the audio files online, download them one after another or also register to the podcast. For more details, read this article How does it work?.

Collaborative ? It means that any person who feels interested may contribute by sending personal audio documents. Fill in the form.

Authentic ? For they are only made by native speakers (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Occitan or Arabic) ! All accents can be useful.

Aim ? To train oral comprehension for anyone who would like to improve this language skill. To provide language teachers with authentic resources.

If you need more information, read the charter of use and the legal notice.

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